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Rehearsal or tracking: Thunderballs

Industrial manufacturing setting, groups up to a dozen or so.


Cats and mice.

By day, it's an unassuming factory in Southpark Seattle. But at night — well, as the saying goes, 'when the cat's away, the mice will play.' Thunderballs offers one of Seattle's best analog signal paths with eight Universal Audio LA610 pre-amps, two Manley VoxBoxes, distressors... and even an Otari analog tape machine. And with plenty of programmable LED stage lights above, rehearsing and tracking reaches a new level of fun.


No hassles.

Thunderballs is a low-pressure space for a band to work out their various parts. With no neighbors around, it's okay to make noise.



And because it's a manufacturing factory, sonic possibilities are almost endless. I wonder what it would be like to record drums in a huge room filled with metalworking tools? Only one way to find out! Thunderballs is where you can discover it. Upstairs is the 500 square foot tracking room, and downstairs is a 3000 square foot open factory. Not available during the day.

What people are saying:

  • “Kevin and I clicked in the studio. I’ve witnessed beautiful compositions on the spot, that really brought the emotionality out in the songs we co-wrote. And, although it took time, I’ve never had better vocal takes in the studio. He made sure I felt like I do when I record at home, so my nerves weren’t shot, like they usually are, when that ‘record’ button is engaged.”
    Kate Lynne Logan
    Grammy ballot singer / songwriter
    Shared stages with Shawn Colvin, Brandi Carlisle,
    Bob Schneider, Peter Bradley Adams
  • “I have no limit to how much I like hanging out here. It's just that fun.”
    Lauren Kott
    singer / songwriter
    Selected as Berklee School of Music Jazz Festival Soloist
  • “After looking at several well-known producer/studio options in Seattle, I chose to work with Kevin. He has an uncanny ability to take your music down the path to a tangible result that is in fact, exactly what you had in mind. He is a skilled musician and engineer, with deep knowledge of a wide variety of music and genres, so he was able to pull from many different influences to make my project timeless, relevant and uniquely me.”
    Sarah Gerritsen
    singer / songwriter from Seattle
  • “Kevin is a complete musical package. He is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, singer, engineer, and all-around great person to work with. Every time I write a song I find a real benefit in including Kevin in every aspect of taking that raw song and creating a finished product.”
    Bill Parrott
    songwriter and educator
  • “Kevin not only has the technical knowledge to get the job done but also the ears to make it right. His natural feel for music and relentless pursuit of high quality are quite evident in his finished products.”
    Joe Diblassi
    Session guitarist and/or producer for Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Frank Sinatra, Chicago, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Donna Summer, and many many more.
  • “My experience with Kevin was 5-star. Entering with a flood of questions as a first-timer, Kevin painted a clear picture of the process from start to finish. He truly is a one stop shop, from his musical ear, advice and editing, as well as his eye and expertise in graphic design. The CD's arrived right on schedule and I was able to sold over half of them the first month alone. I look forward to working with him on my next recording!”
    Susan Haas
    Orchestral Harpist for Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Vince Gill, and others.
  • “I talked with probably 6 different producers before a couple of my musician friends suggested I chat with Kevin. The guy is just so damn talented. I would tell him basically where I wanted a specific song to go, share a few artists with him who inspired me, and away we went. We did a lot of the work together in the studio, but sometimes he would send me a track and it would be completely transformed. He allowed me to be as obsessively nick-picky as I needed to be, and he made it clear that my 150% satisfaction was his first priority. It was always clear to me that he cared about the quality of the project as much as I did.”
    Lana McMullen
    Seattle-based singer/songwriter
  • “Kevin is one of the most creative and fun people I have ever worked with. He presided over our company’s marketing activities and in doing so helped create our fantastic company culture, marketing messages, and branding tools which are second to none.”
    Scott McFarlane
    CEO of Avalara, one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the world.
  • “Kevin is an excellent producer/coach, a well rounded instrumentalist, creative, with a great ear and natural talent. His new-day technical skill set allows him to work fast and effective with a team-player mind.”
    Herschel Blankenship
    Music industry veteran.
    Founder of Schector Guitars. Founder of Triad-Orbit microphone systems.
  • “We’ve worked with Kevin on a few different projects now and have loved each one. He brings a lot to the table: creative ideas, an excellent ear, clear communication, a peaceful recording space and a great sense of humor to keep the process light-hearted. He’s incredibly talented and extremely humble. He consistently makes sessions, comfortable, fun and productive.”
    Mr. and Mrs. Something
    performing duo
  • “This was an awesome experience for me. Kevin is professional, fun and knowledgeable. We transformed a tune that was in my head, into my first published original song. His turnaround time was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Kevin!”
    Emily Lawrence
    Monster Energy AMA Supercross National Anthem Soloist

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