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How to go forward:

1. Form a
project vision

We get together and talk about where you are in your artistic journey. I listen as you describe where you've been, and what you'd like to accomplish. I look for ways I can help you get there.

2. Create
something new

We immerse ourselves in producing studio recordings of your songs. The focus is on creating your own original songs or co-writing together. We figure this out as we go.

3. Develop your
brand story

Through photography, videos, album packaging, web graphics, posters, press kits and social media content, we create brand and strategy for building relationships with your audience.

My role as your producer:

My job is to help your best self emerge, and for your finished work to sound and look awesome. I will guide your project through the recording process so that it turns out awesome and stays within your budget. I will help bring out your best performances, help the heart and soul of your writing connect to the recording process and capture those magic moments.

If you want to Spend less money and have your project finished better and faster, then work with me.

I have a good sense for what works well in different situations, and fluency in Pro Tools and Logic Pro X so that our workflow is efficient. We record with state-of-the-art microphones, preamps, clocking and converters for today's sound. Rarely will you be waiting around for technology to behave. All of this adds up to getting more final results for less money.

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If you're new to recording:

Most of the songs we hear streamed or on the radio have been labored over for many hours in the recording studio. The recording process tends to reveal issues we didn't know we had, and we have to push into new territory to refine our techniques. Vocal pitch, properly tuned instruments, and groove-awareness often become challenged when under the microscope of recording.

I have high standards, but I keep it fun. Be ready to put ego aside, and work hard on details to resolve problems you didn't know you had. The result is that your recordings will embody all the energy and passion of your normal live performance, yet able to stand the test of time and repeated listening.

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Your finished work will be excellent. You'll be proud to show it to anyone.

Let's talk.

Let's get together for coffee and kick some ideas around.
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