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Let your best self emerge. Here's how:

We focus on writing, recording, mixing, mastering, publishing and branding

1 Start with Solid song structure

Did you know that the songs most people love follow one of five basic forms and a few simple rules? Let's analyse your song, and see if a few tweaks can help it better evoke the result you want.

2 Capture brilliant

Madonna famously recorded her best takes while lying on her back. Go figure! That may not work for everyone. But feeling comfortable and confident, with freedom to experiment, works for almost everyone.

3 Mix and
master for

Michaelangelo is known to have said, "God is in the details." This is true of mixing and mastering too. Every track is examined for soul and emotion. We want to hear and feel the expression of each part.

4 Send it to
the world
with flair

Your audience sets their beliefs about you based on your style, photography, graphic and video design. This is an important aspect of our project focus. We create a custom package that fits your unique needs.

The evolution of greatness.

I heard a cool saying recently: "You don't have to be GREAT to get started — but you do have to START to be great." Maybe you're naturally bold, and jump into vulnerable situations with no problem.

Or maybe you, like many creative people, tend to feel uneasy in new situations where the outcome isn't clear or under your control. I say that's very normal. After all, Singing and songwriting are vulnerable activities. Even highly experienced artists sometimes feel nervous about not measuring up. Exposing one's soul doesn't come naturally to anyone, at any stage in their career!

So, if fear is blocking you, recognize that it's always strongest when we're about to step into something new. To overcome it, envision what your next recording and album will look like and sound like, then let's step into it together — and see what unfolds. As the saying goes, "the joy is in the journey."

When to collaborate:

Do you have song ideas which have sat in a notebook or in your voice memos for months or years? Collaboration is the best way to actually finish a song. Pro songwriters work in teams every day, because it's fun and productive. Most of my clients come to me with their song ideas unfinished — so if that's you, rest assured this situation is common, and not a problem. We can finish your songs together.

How to collaborate:

First, we agree to work together in creating a new song. Each of us contribute portions of lyric, melody or chord ideas. When either of us suggest an idea — even if the idea seems like it sucks — we consider the idea with respect and open-mindedness. Experienced collaborators know that by daring to risk looking stupid, the collaboration moves in to new creative territory. And by accepting each other's ideas, and letting the idea have time to bloom, new creativity emerges.

Second, we avoid getting stuck. If a particular section isn't working, we bookmark it for later and move on to a different aspect of the song. When we circle back to the bookmark later, chances are things'll fall into place just fine.

Third, push toward completion. There may be twenty good ways to phrase a certain line. Pick one that feels natural, and go with it. Decisiveness wins the day over perfectionism.

Who I like to work with:

I like to work with positive people who are excited about what they are doing, no matter the musical style. Some of my clients are just starting out. Others are more seasoned, and are working toward developing new material which speaks to who they are.

When we work on a project together, we strive to create and finish something fresh and excellent. Some collaborations work better than others, and the only way to know if ours works is to give it a try.

Who do you like to work with?

Are you looking for fair pricing and efficient use of time?

Would you like a producer with a refined ear, and strong knowledge of music theory and arranging?

Would you like to get the most for your money?

Would you like your producer to be quick to understand your music and your vision? And what if that person also had loads of mics, instruments, recording gear, samples, loops and software — all of which are available to you at no extra cost?

If you like all that, then geez! Maybe we are meant for each other! My goal is to help you create a lasting, sustainable career with your art. There is no cookie-cutter approach, because no two artists or relationships are identical.

Let's talk about your project.

Let's get together for coffee and kick some ideas around.

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